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SafeLawns Organic Lawn Care Service

We provide clients with lush green lawns and healthy landscapes, without relying on harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We take a proactive approach by enhancing the natural health and resistance to pests.

Our services are different from other providers because we use SafeTea, a living liquid biological amendment full of beneficial micro-organisms, to rehabilitate lifeless soils. These micro-organisms will jump start your soil’s ecosystem and leave you with naturally beautiful and sustainable results.

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Our proactive approach results in healthy landscapes by:

  • Rehabilitating tired, stressed and lifeless soils using  100% organic fertilizers and SafeTea™ Compost Teas
  • Encouraging the return of natural microbial populations such as beneficial bacteria and fungi to improve natural nutrient cycling and retention
  • Enhancing the natural health and resistance to pests

The soil is the key to unlocking your landscapes’ natural potential to be healthy and strong. We start all our programs with a comprehensive soil chemistry analysis; to determine essentially the blueprint of your soil.  Understanding your soil allows for targeted treatments addressing specific needs, saving time and money in wasted or unnecessary applications. 

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